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Job Application Letter Examples

Extruder / Extruder Operator Job Application Letter

Sets up operates extrusion press to shape hot billets into products, like bars, tubing, structural shapes, and also rods. Installs dies, mandrels, containers, heating coils, press tools, extrusion heads plus run-out bridging in press, according to size type of product, using handtools. Removes billet from furnace when color indicates specified temperature guides it along extrusion press conveyor onto press bed and additionally into billet container, using tongs. Starts ram that spreads billet...

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Feeder Job Application Letter

Feeds optical glass squares into furnace to heat glass to prescribed state of plasticity for molding. Spreads or sprinkles refractory powder on furnace floor or tray, by hand, to prevent adherence of heated glass to floor or tray. Positions glass squares on tray & slides tray into furnace, using paddle, or places squares on slide which automatically feeds squares into furnace spaces them on furnace floor....

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Beveler Job Application Letter

Bevels watch hands to form rounded surface, using ram. Positions watch hand in nest on bed of die, using tweezers plus starts ram. Blows dirt from die after each operation, using compressed-air hose....

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Trimmer Job Application Letter

Inspects finished or partially finished hats, caps, hat parts, and also millinery for defects damage, and also repairs less extensive flaws. Examines articles for irregularities, like faulty coloring, shaping, sizing plus stitching. Rejects or returns extensively damaged articles to originating department for repair. Informs supervisor regarding types of article defects or damage. Repairs less extensive damage, performing any combination of following tasks. Trims excess material loose or protr...

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Supervisor / Yard Supervisor Job Application Letter

Supervises as well as coordinates activities of switch-engine crew engaged in switching railroad cars within yard of railroad, industrial plant, or similar location to facilitate loading plus unloading of cars or making up breaking up of trains. Notifies Yard Engineer (r.r. trans.) of switching orders and, whereby, which cars are to be moved to specified locations of yard, using radio, telephone, verbal, or hand signals. Gives instructions to Switch Tender (r.r. trans.) to throw track switc...

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