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" With a coach on the sidelines, your ambitions will succeed. But does such a process really work? Read 4 questions about the career advisor or jump directly to our Articles list.

Career Advice
What is a career advisor?

A career advisor (also called career coach or career counselor) is someone who advises students, pupils or employees in the career field. Questions that the career counselor discusses with a client include:

  • Which field of study, discipline or profession suits me?
  • What type of person or employee am I?
  • Where are my talents?
  • What ambitions do I have in life?
  • In which areas have I achieved success or do I want to achieve in my work?
  • In which areas can I improve myself?
  • To what extent do I want to invest in my career?

What does a career advisor do?

The work of the career advisor usually looks like this:

  • Conducting career interviews with clients, with the aim of discovering the wishes, needs, talents, interests, areas for improvement and relevant characteristics of the person concerned
  • Keeping consultation hours (whether or not in collaboration with a fellow career adviser) for new or existing clients
  • Advising pupils or students on further education, subject areas, professions etc.
  • Taking, for example, interest or career selection tests
  • Conducting consultations with fellow advisers (possibly discussing individual clients)
  • Preparation of reports of what was discussed
  • Advising other professionals (for example HR managers or P&O employees) on individual clients

Where do career counselors work?

Career advisers are often employed as self-employed persons without employees, but can also work for, for example, (employment) consultancy firms or educational institutions. There are also organizations that employ career advisers for their own staff. Colleagues with whom a career advisor has to deal with are, for example, HR managers, job coaches and team leaders.

How do I choose a good coach?

A quick look: everyone now can call himself a career coach. It's not a protected profession. So that requires a critical look when you are looking for someone who can help you develop your career .

According to Experts, there are three steps to determine if you are dealing with a quality coach. To start with: pay attention to the coach's prior education. Coaching is a profession!.

Step 1: "Some coaches just dive into the emotion:" and what do you feel about that? That's very bad for you. "They release all kinds of emotions that aren't at all related to the learning objective, or without any steps being linked to it. In some cases, that can actually cause damage.

Step 2: See if the coach uses an effectively proven method. You can check this with the professional organizations for (career) coaching. Also pay attention to whether there is regular training. With coaches that have an accreditation or certification from these organizations, you can count on that.

Step 3: Finally, never rely solely on the good stories you have heard from friends and acquaintances. "Nice conversations don't necessarily solve much".

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