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Assembler Job Description Duties

Sample "Assembler" Job Description
Assembler Job Description
This assembler job description example shows how to use core job roles and tasks to define the main occupation responsibilities for your employee.
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Job Description Duties & Responsibilities Example

Profile Objective:
This (JD) describes the core job duties of "assembler" occupation.

Main roles / Employee tasks:

1) Performs any combination of following duties to assemble mobile and modular homes or travel trailer coaches, following blueprints and verbal instructions, using handtools power tools.

2) Positions precut frame members in jigs nails, rivets, or bolts members together to assemble wall, floor and roof frames, using carpenter tools.

3) Positions wheel spring assembly on brackets of chassis, using chain hoist and bolts assembly to chassis, using power wrench.

4) Installs tires on wheels, using power tire changer tire tools.

5) Positions and fastens precut metal beams on front of chassis to form tongue attaches jack-and-hitch assembly to tongue, using arc-welding equipment.

6) Sprays undercoating compound on floor frame chassis with spray gun.

7) Installs furring strips, insulation, and plywood flooring over floor frame, using carpenters tools, staple gun, insulation tape, and gang-nail press.

8) Positions and bolts chassis-and-wheel assembly to floor frame, using hoist impact wrench.

9) Erects side, end, and roof sections, using hoist or crane, and fastens sections to floor frame, using rivet gun or welding equipment carpenters tools.

10) Assembles and installs preformed sections of sheet metal to form heating and air-conditioning ducts, using power screwdriver aluminum tape.

11) Stuffs insulation batting between wall frame members, and attaches wood or metal paneling to form interior walls, using brush, glue gun, rivet gun, and hammer.

12) Lays out and cuts openings in wall floor panels, according to blueprint specifications, to facilitate installation of windows, vents, electrical outlets, and heat registers, using rule, power saw, and tin snips.

13) Fastens registers in openings, using screwdriver.

14) May install electrical wiring and copper tubing perform other duties as described under Installer mfd.

15) bldgs.; vehicles, nec 869.684-026.

16) May lead give directions to other workers.

17) May be designated according to section assembled as Floor Finisher mfd.

18) bldgs. ; Wheel Installer mfd.

19) May assemble utility buildings be designated Assembler, Utility Buildings mfd.

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