Administrative Officer Job Resume Sample

Administrative Officer Resume
This sample administrative officer job resume shows you how to use the work history and professional experience, career responsibilities, and resume objective to build a simple cv document.
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Job Resume Sample for "Administrative Officer"

Personal Information
CV holder full name
Address: country, city, zip-code
Contact info: cell phone no, email

CV / Career objective
Resuming my career - continue working - as "administrative officer" in an environment where I can express my experience.

Work history/Professional experience:
Job Title: Administrative officer - Company: (organization name)
From: (joining date), To: (leaving date). Reason of leave: Would be explained during the interview.

Job responsibilities
1) Responsible for monitoring, reporting analysis of management information to facilitate improved senior management decision-making on strategic administrative issues.
2) Develop quality assurance mechanisms to support the successful performance of the Administration, in particular the provision of high-quality, timely client service to field staff.
3) Provide management guidance & advice on complex administrative issues, including proposals for changes in structures, authorities, responsibilities resource levels.
4) Engage strategically with local service providers at the corporate level with a view to promote the standardization.
5) Initiate actions covering the entire span of human resource activities.
6) Review post incumbency reports for purposes of vacancy management staffing table control.
7) Lead the preparation and implementation of the strategic plan, work program and budget to make sure compatibility with work priorities objectives, taking into account the most effective use of resources.
8) Initiate studies to improve budget reporting systems cost-effective utilization of program resources.
9) Monitor budgetary allocations through regular reviews, drafts routine and ad hoc outputs, and provides effective monitoring reports data.
10) Identify deviations from plans proposes corrective measures.
11) Establish a set of sound policies, procedures, standards and tools in order to make sure proper accounting, financial management control.
12) Supervise a staff team and/or provide advice to others on human resource administration, financial administration and management information issues practices to colleagues.
13) Produce major/complex reports for management.
14) Provide expert guidance leadership to more junior staff.
15) Perform other related work as required.

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